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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Rocketblogger's Irreverant and Irrelevant Holy Week Mix!

In honor of Easter and the closing of Holy Week, I present to you...

Rocketblogger's Irreverant and Irrelevant Holy Week Mix!

1. Palm Sunday! Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey and everybody celebrates. Hey! It's the Son! (The Polyphonic Spree: It's the Sun)
2. Maundy Thursday, or The Last Supper. The boys eat and discuss metaphors. Mary Magdalene keeps their glasses filled. The disciples are still kinda pissed about that whole perfume thing. (Belle and Sebastian: Dear Catastrophe Waitress)
3. Jesus breaks the news that one of his own will betray him. Oh no! Who will it be? (King Missile: Betrayal Takes Two)
4. Jesus goes to the mountain to pray. (Blonde Redhead: Magic Mountain)
5. Judas turns Jesus over to the soldiers with a kiss. (Ryan Adams: A Kiss Before I Go)
6. Peter slices off the ear of a guard with his sword, which then Jesus glues back on. That really must've hurt! (Rainer Maria: Ears Ring)
7. Jesus is put on trial in front of Pontius Pilate. (Old Crow Medicine Show: Trials and Troubles)
8. Jesus is beaten and whipped. Ouch! (The Allman Brothers Band: Whipping Post)
9. Pilate puts Jesus' fate up to the public and washes his hands of the whole mess. (Alanis Morissette: Hands Clean)
10. Jesus carries the cross to Gethsemane. Man, it was heavy! (The Hollies: Jesus was a Crossmaker)
11. While on the cross, a soldier stabs his spear into Jesus' side. Ouch! (Tonic: Wicked Soldier)
12. Jesus cries out on the cross, "Why hast thou forsaken me?" (Har Mar Superstar: Cry 4 Help; alternately 13. Travis: Why Does It Always Rain on Me?)
14. Jesus takes his last human breath. The ladies weep as he is taken to the tomb. (Chad VanGaalen: Clinically Dead)
15. The disciples scatter in fear. Peter says "I don't know him." (Gregory Douglass: Usual Denials)
16. Judas hangs his head in shame, and in turn hangs himself in Potter's Field. (Sugar: Judas Cradle)
17. The ladies encounter angels at the tomb, where the stone has been rolled away. Oh my! Where is Jesus? (The Decemberists: Of Angels and Angles)
18. Jesus rises from the dead! Whoo hoo! (Embrace: Ashes)
19. The disciples celebrate and the early church is born. (The Polyphonic Spree: Light and Day/Reach for the Sun)

Download it here (zip) for a limited time only! Or here (if the previous has timed out or expired).


Blogger heather said...

you made me laugh. nice selections.

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

brilliant isn't the right word for you, but i can't find a better one.


11:19 AM  

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